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  • Is your carpet, area rug or upholstered furniture looking dull and lifeless? Regular cleaning can maintain the overall look of your home, but a deep clean by professionals breathes new life into your most treasured pieces and gives your carpet that sumptuous look it had when it was first installed.

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  • Do you have tile and grout in your home that need cleaning? If so, save your time, your money – and your knees! – and let us handle the job for you.

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  • There are lots of different variations of upholstered fabrics and thousands of unique stains that can and will end up on them. Getting rid of those stains from delicate fabrics can be a science. It would be so convenient if there was 1 chemical to treat every stain, but unfortunately it's not the case....

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  • One of the most cost-effective ways to raise your curb appeal, having your windows professionally cleaned is a simple way to project a polished image for your company or improve the look of your home and even raise its resale value. But more than that, spotless windows let in more healthy sunlight, improving your...

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  • We are proud to offer competitive pricing on all short- and long-term cleaning and janitorial contracts for commercial locations. Our professional, efficient staff will work around your hours of operation to ensure a clean work environment for both your private and public spaces.

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  • Our cleaners work from our client’s priority lists and do not provide “Cookie cutter services”. Our clients enjoy the luxury of choosing to routine cleaning, or to have custom in depth detailing and cleaning performed. What ever the you want to look fresh and new, our highly trained maids will always pull through!

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Our home’s carpets experience wear and tear on a daily basis and this can make them appear dirty over time. Small stains may be able to be removed by a household carpet cleaner. However to give carpets a deep clean and to remove stubborn stains a professional service such as BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ is needed. A truck mounted cleaning system is used by our technicians to remove dust, dirt, stains, allergens and bacteria.


Carpet Cleaning in Mesa AZ

Using experienced carpet cleaners who offer professional services is a worthwhile investment to make in your home. The dirt that has built up over time will not only be removed but your carpets will appear plush and refreshed and have a fresh smell that can make all the difference to the room.

BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ follow a few simple steps to professionally clean your carpets. High traffic areas and trouble zones are inspected to see what type of stains are causing the problem. Our team will then decide on a custom approach that will be chosen to work best for your carpet’s fibers and current condition. Once the carpet has been cleaned a protective coating is applied that will help keep your carpets cleaner over time. This protective coating is composed of a non toxic emulsifier and specially designed TRUGard.

Carpet fibers may become damaged by smoke, cooking oil, bacteria and dust mites. This damage may be made worse by the use of some shampoos and detergents. The best way to preserve the life and beauty of your carpet is to use a professional carpet cleaning service.

BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ uses the latest technology in truck mounted cleaning methods. They guarantee to remove even the most stubborn stains, dirt and odors to leave your carpet looking luxurious and smelling fresh.

All technicians that are employed by BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ are fully trained and certified. Problem areas that experience heavy foot traffic are inspected and the most appropriate cleaning method is selected that can also deal with other problems such as pet stains and odors.

A non toxic emulsifier is first applied to the carpet. Loosened dirt and soils are then extracted using a truck mounted vacuum system that has been specially engineered for BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning.

TRUGard is a protective coating that is applied by our technicians that resists soil and prevents staining. This will extend the appearance of your freshly cleaned carpets. They can also apply other special treatments such as deodorizers.

BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Follows IICRC Methods

Professional carpets cleaners should gain the trust of the homeowner not just through their experience in cleaning carpets but also through being certified to provide the best treatment and using practices that are recognized as the best in the industry.BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ follows methods recommended by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This gives homeowners confidence that all carpets will receive thorough cleaning and that the industry’s latest technology and methods are being used.

More than 25 countries are served by the IICRC, making it one of the premier cleaning methodology’s in the business. These methods are studied by carpet cleaning teams that want to provide the best possible services to their customers. The investment that you have made in your carpet can be protected by choosing the services of BEEHIVE who are experts in the field of carpet cleaning.

Why Choose BEEHIVE Mesa?

The team at BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ are confident that you will be happy with their carpet cleaning and revival and refresh service. To ensure you are completely satisfied we offer a full money back guarantee to any customers who is not 100% satisfied.

BEEHIVE Carpet Cleaning offer a free initial consultation so you have nothing to lose by getting a quotation for your next deep clean service for your carpets.

When it comes to Mesa carpet cleaning, there’s no better partner than Beehive Cleaning!

Beehive is the best in Mesa Carpet Cleaning. Call Now! 480.696.5111

Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ Guarantee:

After all of this, if you are still not sure if calling Beehive would be a good idea, just remember that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yes, Beehive Carpet Cleaning Mesa, Arizona promises up front that if you aren’t happy with the job they do, the clean carpet and the fresh smell and the complete clean up after, you get every cent back, no questions asked. Google

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